Marco Giampaolo believes in the enterprise

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Marco Giampaolo believes in the enterprise

Sampdoria will host Juventus on Monday night. Marco Giampaolo presented the challenge this way, “The match is difficult, but not impossible. I hope the team can always provide a good level of performance, beyond the opponents. Especially in the league with opponents who give different interpretations to matches. They are not copy-paste.”

“We have to be good at ensuring a good level, every week we work in this direction. It is the result that allows you to push on the accelerator of conviction and confidence. I’m not complaining about how my guys approach the game. It’s a strong team. By mentality, it’s stronger than it is. When you are used to winning, you breathe the strength of the team. It’s always a tough game.” “It started well in Serie A, Allegri has rehashed his stuff. It has a few absences, but it remains a competitive lineup in every respect. I’m talking about team charisma, we have to play another great game like against Atalanta. The fans? We also have to have that support that the fans can give us, that atmosphere of big games where we can have our say.”

“Djuricic? The same applies as Villar, he was also training alone until some time ago. The physical condition is what it is, no one knows it in depth. The only feedback comes from the training camp. Djuricic’s problem is not one of placement: if he plays halfback, Sabiri does not play. I have to adapt them in order not to leave them on the bench. Gabbiadini? It’s a different matter, he’s also improving and has been training with us for a week. We manage him, but I count on getting him back. He is summoned and if I need him I will throw him in. He is an acquisition. Villar is better, I see him improving with training. Slowly he will get to a good condition. The injury to De Luca? I feel very sorry for the boy, he was fine and I see good qualities in him. He is a different striker than the ones we have, we had also found a formula to be able to play him. I’m sorry, he was unlucky. We had a game, the market is open and you have players physically but maybe not mentally,” Giampaolo concluded.

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