Samuel Umtiti surprised by Lecce: goosebumps arrival in Italy

©Getty Images

A crowd-pleasing arrival that left even a world champion speechless.

Samuel Umtiti is a Lecce player, as officially announced by both the Giallorossi club and Barcelona, whom the Frenchman has greeted. Not only that, because the player has already arrived in Salento letting himself be surprised by the affection of his new fans.

In fact, at the Brindisi airport there were more than a hundred Lecce fans who wanted to bring Umtiti his first Serie A greeting. There were many choruses for him (from “Olè olè olè, Samuel, Samuel” to “Siam venuti all the way here, siam venuti all the way here, to see Umtiti score”), which played a nasty trick on the new Giallorossi player.

In fact, Umtiti, after indulging in a crowd bath by dancing and singing with the fans, succumbed to emotion by failing to make his first statements as a Lecce player. “I am very happy,” he then limited himself to declaring.

The French national player, reigning world champion, arrives at Lecce on a dry loan: his 20-million salary will remain with Barcelona.

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