Luciano Spalletti dribbles Cristiano Ronaldo

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Luciano Spalletti’s words

Inevitable question about Cristiano Ronaldo to Luciano Spalletti after Fiorentina-Napoli: “I don’t have time to think about it. I have a team to carbonize. I say that if a club offers you 100 million it is not easy to say no.”

At the Franchi, it was not an easy night for the Azzurri’s Tuscan coach, and the pitch had nothing to do with it: “The Fiorentina crowd is known to offend from the beginning to the end of the game. With children nearby, a rudeness that is unbelievable stuff. They have children two meters away and they keep saying ‘La tu’ mamma, La tu’ mamma…. They are rude professionals.”

He concludes again on the market: “You have miscalculated, substitutes have arrived who are up to the mark. Fabian, who never showed up, was replaced by Ndombele, as was Petagna with Simeone, Mertens with Raspadori, and Insigne with Kvara. There is a lot of work to be done, in regaining the personality of those who left.”

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