Nick Kyrgios, before the US Open his outburst is harsh

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A full-blown outburst against a homeland that, in his opinion, never supported him.

Nick Kyrgios removes more than a pebble from his shoe. He does so in an interview with ‘Sports Illustrated’ as the US Open approaches in which he is preparing to carve out a starring role for himself. And on the occasion he explains how difficult his professional growth has been in Australia.

“As a kid, I had a few extra pounds, and several coaches and teachers suggested I let it go,” Kyrgios confessed. “Then as my career progressed, I faced all kinds of criticism. Racism included. That’s why there continues to be a lot of anger in me, even though it doesn’t hurt me anymore. I don’t forget all that, and when I am at the top I will point it out to all of them.”

Especially since, according to Kyrgios, Australia has not been soft on him even in much more recent times. “The tennis greats in my country have never been kind. And in those two weeks at Wimbledon they never supported me. It seems that, for some reason, they are obsessed with tearing me down. And I don’t understand why,” he concluded.

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