Former Serie B: “Pavoletti knocks down the door.”

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Former Serie B: “Pavoletti knocks down the door.”

Reached by, Adriano Mezavilla spoke about Leonardo Pavoletti: “When I had him as a teammate at Castellammare, he was still in his early days, he still had a lot to learn, then he made a bang of incredible improvements and he deserves what he has achieved so far. He is a very strong striker in the penalty area who knocks down the goal.”

The former Serie B player spoke about Perugia, a club in which he played in 2005-2006 and 2008-2009: “Serie B starts are always difficult because the teams are all leveled anyway. It stands to reason, in my opinion, that even a strong team like Perugia can get off to a bad start, however, the league is so long and balanced that they have every chance to bounce back as well right away.”

Glance, then, at Pisa: “Surely, at this point, Pisa is paying the psychological level, because after coming one step away from A, it is not easy to recover mentally. Since I also had Coach D’Angelo, I would have kept him all my life: he is a person who works, gives a lot of serenity to the group. As said before, the mental aspect is the main cause of the crisis, as soon as they can understand that it’s gone now and we need to make up for it this year by changing the key, they will start to get results again.”

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