Matteo Berrettini reveals what has changed: “I learned from my mistakes.”

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“I told myself I had to be braver.”

Interviewed hot on the Arthur Ashe Stadium at the end of the match he won in four sets against Andy Murray, Matteo Berrettini appeared happy and satisfied, revealing in detail how he managed to bring the match home despite the many wasted chances in the third set, then the prerogative of the Scot, who had reopened the match.

“It had happened to me before that I had wasted so much during my matches: my coach always tells me to learn from past mistakes and so I did. Maybe I was not offensive enough in the break points I had, however, I felt good, and I realized that I had had chances. I also realized though that it was just a matter of having them again, and I finally took advantage of them. What I always tell myself is that it is normal to have tension: it is the same thing I told myself against Gael Monfils here three years ago. In that quarterfinal match I repeated to myself ‘try to be braver,’ and today it was the same,” the Italian began.

For Davidovich-Fokina, his next opponent in the round of 16, Berrettini showed great respect: “We faced each other only once and I lost there,but now I want to take my revenge: he is a very good player, we trained together between Cincinnati and New York.”

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