Simone Vagnozzi responds controversially on Jannik Sinner

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Simone Vagnozzi responds controversially on Jannik Sinner

Some people have managed to criticize Jannik Sinner for not materializing the match point he had at Flushing Meadows with Carlos Alcaraz, which he then won. And the coach of the South Tyrolean outfielder, Simone Vagnozzi, is dotting the i’s.

“The match point, which he faced with a second, is an episode,” he tells Corriere della Sera. People have short memories: maybe in the last matches Jannik made a few more double faults however at Wimbledon he served well, in Umag ditto and in Paris, until the knee problem, as well. Jannik was not scoring many points with his serve, we tried to make it more effective: at the U.S. Open with Nakashima he made 16 aces and with Alcaraz, who at the response is a phenomenon, the serve did not give him little. However, there won’t be any more technical changes; he needs time to stabilize. Let’s remember that this is a long road, a road that in addition to results does not neglect growth work: the goals are long term.”

“Davis in Bologna will help him turn over a new leaf. He will soon realize that he played an extraordinary match with Alcaraz,” Vagnozzi adds.

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