“Decisive arbitration help”: Italy-France is not over yet

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Italy-France is not over yet

Corriere della Sera puts Italy-France referees’ backs to the wall. “Italy’s European basketball championship finds the end of the line in the overtime of the quarterfinal against France, five extra minutes that the vice Olympic champions snatched away in a rocambolic way, with luck and decisive refereeing help,” it reads there.

Then the lunge: “Why did the whistles sanction Marco Spissu of an unbelievable intentional foul at midcourt (simulation and voluntary fall, that’s the accusation)? That free throw, counting in hand, was crucial.”

“I think that our basketball is fertile ground: we have a future starting with these extraordinary 12 players who gave everything – Gianmarco Pozzecco’s words at the end of the game – I will take advantage of my full-time contract as much as possible to sit down with President Petrucci, Secretary General Maurizio Bertea and General Manager Salvatore Trainotti to figure out how to continue to improve and progress in the work that the Federation is already doing excellently. The national team is a driving force, we have said this many times.”

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