Ferrari, John Elkann puts Charles Leclerc ahead of Carlos Sainz

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Elkann puts Leclerc ahead of Sainz

Ferrari President John Elkann, in an interview with ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ spoke about the Prancing Horse drivers, dwelling on the chances of winning a title in the coming years: both Constructors and Drivers.

“I would like to congratulate both of them, Charles and Carlos. They are drivers who participate in the growth of the car and know how to be a team player. As a driving style they have great potential and an aggressiveness that characterizes them. Sometimes they also push beyond the limit but they have made great improvements. I like their courage, which is a decisive ingredient for success in life as well as in sports,” he explained, extolling the spirit of the Maranello stable’s bearers.

“I think they are two great drivers and this stimulates them to improve more and more. I am confident that we will win not only the Constructors’ World Championship, but also the Drivers’ World Championship and that Charles Leclerc is in pole position,” Elkann continued, setting 2026 as the deadline for winning a World Championship.

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