F1, James Key amazed by Ferrari and Red Bull

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McLaren’s technical director was amazed by Ferrari and Red Bull

McLaren technical director James Key said he was surprised by the performance of Ferrari and Red Bull, as they continued to perform despite the rule change at the end of last season.

In an interview on the McLaren team’s website, Key commented on the current championship: “I guess I’m a little surprised at how Ferrari and Red Bull have managed to find that little bit more performance than everyone else. At the beginning of the season, the field was narrower, but now it’s starting to widen, and I have to say that Ferrari and Red Bull have done a very good job increasing the level of their performance.”

The British team’s technical director also commented on the difference in performance between last season and the current one: “In theory, with the same chassis performance, the 2022 cars should have been two seconds slower than the 2021 cars, but that was not the case. The cars are getting very close to last season’s levels, and some have already reached them, which reflects the quality of the teams we have in the sport.”

McLaren is currently battling with Alpine for fourth place in the Constructors’ World Championship, behind Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes.

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