Usain Bolt special guest of Allianz Direct in Milan

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Usain Bolt lands in Milan

The collaboration between Allianz Direct, the Allianz Group’s direct insurance company, and Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man and international testimonial of Allianz Direct, continues.

Usain Bolt has been the star of Allianz Direct’s advertising campaigns for the past three years. He has starred in many unforgettable commercials, from the one in which he suffers from his mother’s slow driving to the episode in which he enjoys his vacation because his home insurance solves every problem for him, to the latest commercials in which he tells how easy it is to get insurance with Allianz Direct. To learn more about Allianz Direct’s communication campaigns.

The Olympic champion will be in Milan tomorrow, Sept. 22, the morning guest of Radio Deejay hosts Linus and Nicola Savino.

It is precisely in the Radio Deejay studios that the winners of the Allianz Direct contest, “Direct Like a Bolt,” will meet Usain Bolt live to receive the Direct Deejay bag containing special prizes.

Usain Bolt will then be welcomed into Torre Allianz, the headquarters of the insurance-financial group, where he will meet Allianz Direct employees in the splendid location of DAV Milano by Da Vittorio, a signature eight-star Michelin strong in the world, which chose precisely Torre Allianz for its Milanese venue inaugurated last July.

It will be a memorable day for the Company’s employees, who will be able to meet live with the Olympic legend, gold medalist in the 100 and 200 meters at Beijing 2006, London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016, ask him questions and take pictures together.

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