Marc Marquez did not surprise Paolo Beltramo: “That’s just the way he is.”

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“He tries to do the best he can, which is what drives every driver to race,” he ruled

Paolo Beltramo, interviewed exclusively by, commented on Marc Marquez’s return to the circuit and the ensuing controversy after his contacts with Quartararo and Nakagami.

“Marquez left, which had arrived and always kept a low profile, saying he could not even dream of the podium however then when he left that thing happens there that I was telling you. When they pull the visor down, that’s it: there’s just them, their bike, their ambitions, their talent, their desire to do the best they can, so, he started very well. He got caught in that corner on the right and Quartararo, who was very close to pass him, crashed into him. And there he does that he started off aggressively but it’s just right, I mean I don’t want to say… and then he had that piece of fairing between the wheel and the swingarm and when he went to put the lowerer, the bike went down and he was next to Nakagami and they touched, I mean there it’s also bad luck. Very dangerous, I mean it went very well in the end.”

The well-known journalist wanted to emphasize the safety that is now present in MotoGp: “I smile that practically no one was hurt, yes Nakagami’s hand but maybe he will race in Japan, so the worst was the bikes, that’s it. Now with the suits, the circuits, in short the safety that’s there, practically the only way to really get hurt or worse is to get run over; so, it went very well because it was the first lap and the first lap they’re all bunched up and it’s also very difficult to avoid. But it was good there because there was visibility, the track was very wide, in short what to say, good. There will be those who say that Marc is always the same: from a certain point of view this is very nice, from another point of view it’s him and that’s the way he is, I mean he’s aggressive, he wants to try to do the maximum, which in my opinion is then what pushes every rider to race.”

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