Toni Kukoc returns to the Treviso years and tells of his biggest regret

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Kukoc returns on his two years in Treviso

Among the guests at the Festival of Sports in Trento was Toni Kukoc, legendary champion of the 1990s who was part of the legendary Chicago Bulls led on the court by Michael Jordan and on the bench by Phil Jackson, a team capable of winning six titles in eight years.

Kukoc, wearing the Bulls’ red jersey, won the last three of those titles (1996, 1997 and 1998), because before arriving in Chicago he played for two seasons in Treviso, in the then Benetton: “Those were two of the best years of my career,” said the Croatian, now 54. “However, I have a very big regret: the Champions Cup final lost to Limoges in 1993, I still have nightmares about it now.

After the adventure in Veneto, the call from the National Basketball Association: “Until the last I was in doubt whether or not to go to the NBA, but it was the Chicago Bulls. If it had been another team, who knows?” he later explained, hinting that his adventure in Italy could also have continued.

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