Dinamo Sassari, Piero Bucchi sounds the charge

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Dinamo Sassari, Piero Bucchi sounds the charge

Dinamo Sassari is ready for its first official commitment: on Wednesday, September 28, on the parquet of PalaLeonessa in Brescia, coach Piero Bucchi’s team will face Bertram Tortona in the Supercup semifinal.

Opening the conference were the words of coach Piero Bucchi, who took stock of the work done in the preseason: “Good morning everyone, it’s a pleasure to meet here again: we closed a preseason in which the work was up and down, we had some physical problems as it often happens at the beginning of the season and we could not work with continuity. But I am satisfied with what we saw on the field, where the team worked in the best possible way: the guys showed desire and determination. We obviously need to work with those who have been out like Gerald Robinson, whom we know well but clearly approaching a new season, and Jamal Jones while we will still have Kaspar Treier and Jack Devecchi out. We have a group that I knew and knew me, this has allowed us to speed up assimilation time on defense and offense and I think it showed in the games where-beyond the absences-there was a good group response.”

On the agenda the first official commitment: “We approach the challenge with Tortona with the right desire and spirit that accompanies official commitments, yesterday we had a good training and we are ready to face the semifinal. We face this challenge with desire, right spirit: Tortona like us is a team that has changed little from last season, keeping the same technical leadership. We know it will be a good challenge against a good team: we face it with confidence, aware of our means and our framework that has proven to be good.”

Injuries have been an important variable in this first month and a half: “I am happy because Pisano has earned some important minutes and Raspino has been a great help to us, making himself ready and guaranteeing himself a place on the team. In general I am satisfied with the team’s response to the adversity faced so far, we are waiting to be full: among the absences could be that of Massimo Chessa, who is currently out with a small muscle problem but we will evaluate his presence close to the game.”

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