F1 Ferrari: Charles Leclerc prepares to suffer in Singapore

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In Singapore all drivers will be expected to exert more physical effort than at other tracks, “They will lose up to 3 kg,” the words of Leclerc’s trainer

Formula 1 arrives in Singapore, a notoriously tough track according to all drivers in the circus, especially physically. The 5-kilometer-long city track will be driven as many as 61 times.Andrea Ferrari, Charles Leclerc’s trainer, explained the pitfalls of Marina Bay.

“In the current Formula 1 calendar, Singapore’s is the most demanding track of the year: there are no long straights and this means that the driver can never rest, because it is only on the straight that the heart rate can slow down, giving relief to the athlete,” are the words reported by Formulapassion.

Another difficulty is the weather: “To make matters worse are the weather conditions in Singapore, with high temperatures and very high humidity levels that impair thermoregulation, that is, the body’s ability to dissipate heat. Drivers sweat a lot and thus lose mineral salts and calcium, which are crucial for muscle contraction, and thus the physical performance offered on the track.”

Racers can lose up to 3 kg. “To remedy this, it is necessary for the athlete to hydrate by drinking constantly during the race. To help the drivers cope best with the weekend, we try to arrive in Singapore as early as possible to start getting them accustomed to the climate and to do as much training as possible in borderline conditions.”

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