Federica Brignone and Sofia Goggia return to compete

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Physi athlete of the year 2022

Who will be Marta Bassino’s successor in the race for FISI Athlete of the Year 2022? Winter sports fans are about to elect, as they do every season, the Italian Federation athlete who has most distinguished himself or herself in the past season, culminating with the Beijing Olympics.

On Friday, Sept. 30, the first phase ended with 12 candidates in the running for the award that will be presented during Skipass at ModenaFiere scheduled between Oct. 29 and Nov. 1, during the traditional Festa degli Azzurri. Among the tens of thousands of preferences received, the three athletes who received the most votes and thus remain in the running for the title were, in alphabetical order, Michele Boscacci, Federica Brignone and Sofia Goggia.

The second phase, which will end on Friday, October 21, has opened. Preferences will be recounted all over again, only one vote can be cast, any repeated preferences from the same email will not be taken into account.

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