Olimpia Milano, Peppe Poeta extols Ettore Messina

©Getty Images

Peppe Poeta’s words

Peppe Poeta, assistant to Ettore Messina, spoke to Tuttosport about his farewell to playing basketball: “At the moment I don’t miss it. I dived immediately into the new adventure and I was very lucky to be called by Olimpia, which is a reference club at the top in Europe.I know that there will come days when I will be soon from the nostalgia for the adrenaline of the competition, for the feelings and emotions of the pre-game in the locker room. But I am also aware that there is a time for everything. Life is a journey. Frankly, I just try to drink in the wisdom of Ettore Messina.”

“We are all used to rightly praising Messina’s qualities as a Hall of Famer coach, in short a scientist. But his masterpiece in Milan was as president, making Olimpia one of the best and most modern basketball and international sports facilities and bringing back a strong sense of belonging.”

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