Osmany Juantorena does not rule out his return to Italy

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The words of Osmany Juantorena

What is about to begin will be a volleyball championship without Osmany Juantorena, who left for Shanghai. “I’m curious to get to know the Chinese culture and understand the level of the league. I know what I leave, I don’t know what I find.”

“A young Lube was born, and with the offer from the East in hand I asked the club to be released, to fulfill my wish. In my place came a talent like the Bulgarian Nikolov. Will I return to Italy for the playoffs? I certainly won’t close the doors. We will see. For one season I play in China. Then we will see. Maybe Monza, Milan. I don’t want to make long-term plans.”

Filling in on the title race: “Perugia starts ahead of everyone. So much talent and a very long bench. Immediately behind I put Piacenza. Next is a small group with Trento, Civitanova, Modena and Milan. But the Umbrians are really strong.”

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