Volleyball World Cup, Italy in semifinals: Paola Egonu drags the Azzurre

©Getty Images

29 points scored for Paola Egonu

The national women’s volleyball team beats China 3-1 in the quarterfinals of the World Cup being held in the Netherlands and thus clinches a place in the semifinals. Drawn by a 29-point Paola Egonu, the girls coached by Davide Mazzanti are thus very close to the medal zone, confirming among other things the Italian women’s volleyball among the top four in the world for the third consecutive edition of the rainbow event.

In Apeldoorn, the Azzurre got off to a strong start, winning the first two sets 25-15, 25-22. The third fraction, however, saw a downturn from the point of view of the quality of the game that allowed the Chinese to regain confidence and win the set with a clear 25-13. It is, however, only a moment of tarnish, because in the fourth set Italy takes back the reins of the match and closes it with a peremptory 25-17.

In addition to Egonu’s 29, Miriam Sylla and Anna Danesi’s 12 points (for the latter also 4 winning walls) should be noted.

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