F1, Toto Wolff recoils on budget cap case

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Mercedes team principal rehashes the dose

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has returned to the issue of the budget cap: in fact, on Monday, October 10, it was confirmed that Red Bull had a ‘minor violation’.

“It is a so-called minor violation, but I think the definition is not correct. If you spend five million more than the limit you are still in a minor violation, but the impact on the championship is still considerable,” the Austrian executive said in words reported by ‘FormulaPassion’.

“To give you an idea we of course closely monitor which parts are brought to the track by the top teams in every single race, and for the 2021 and 2022 seasons we can see that there are two top teams that are equal and another one that spends more instead. We know exactly how much we spend: three and a half million a year on components that we bring into the car. So you can see what a difference it makes to spend another $500,000. That would be a difference,” Toto Wolff continued.

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