Daniele De Rossi and the first hitch as coach: “I forgot”

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Daniele De Rossi will never forget this day

Reached by the microphones of Sky Sport, Daniele De Rossi commented on the 0-0 draw against Cittadella this way: “Not a beautiful match, we knew it could be edgy. We have to work on the principles that we tried to touch in these first days. So many teams lose here in Cittadella; we can do so much better from a technical and physical point of view, but we will go and fix that.”

DDR did not hide some glitches, inevitable for a debut coach: “I forgot about the dotted line, but I will improve on that too. The referee refereed a very good game, the first sending off was there and he was supposed to help us and instead we were in too much of a hurry in looking for the play. I had asked to go wide and then come back inside and they had a lot of them in the middle. That’s how it went, the guys played a big hearted game and I thank them.”

“I had not prepared a speech for myself. I thanked them for availability. I don’t know if I will coach six months and then stop or if I will do it for 30 years winning everything. For sure this day I will never forget them and I am happy to have done it with them,” De Rossi closed.

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