Trieste, Marco Legovich restarts from a standing start

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Marco Legovich is not happy with the start of the season

The third loss in as many league games, 78-95 against Reyer Venezia, fuels the question marks within the environment of a Pallacanestro Trieste still searching for its precise identity. Confirming the doubts was the coach of the Giulians himself, Marco Legovich, specifying, however, that he has well in mind the points from which to start again.

“We will have a lot to work on starting on Monday,” the young coach explained to the Red and White club’s channels, “We have to train hard, stay together, learn how to play together; there are undoubtedly technical aspects to file, but they worry me less. It is necessary to understand the Intensity that a Serie A requires, how to execute things on the court: all this needs time, but on the level of approach it is not acceptable to make 7 fouls under 20 with the center, in 5 minutes. On the approach to the game and mentality we still have a lot of work to do.”

“How many teams will face Trieste with this attitude? I don’t care, my focus has to be on how Trieste starts games,” Legovich added. “On the court of goes who deserves, Davis deserved 37min, in the locker room I was clear to communicate this concept. The third quarter gave us answers in this sense. Those who play have to keep the level high, those who come in have to steal minutes from those in front of them, but it’s a discourse that starts from Monday morning at the first practice.”

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