Virtus Bologna, Sergio Scariolo looks at the calendar and spurs his team on

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Virtus Bologna heading to two challenging Euroleague away games

Saturday night’s game at the AGSM Forum against Verona could have been a trap, at least on paper, for Virtus Bologna: however, the Black VUs took advantage of a textbook second half that allowed them to ramp up to the final +25 and take advantage of the ample ‘garbage time’ to rotate as many players as possible, without making them tired given a difficult schedule, which in the coming week will propose Euroleague away games in Kaunas against Zalgiris and in Belgrade against Partizan.

“We will continue to work within the limits of the possibilities that the calendar leaves us with,” coach Sergio Scariolo told club channels on the sidelines of the success against Scaligera Basket. “Everyone played, the fact that we limited minutes to some players is a positive aspect because we have a very intense week. It will have to reintegrate those who rested today is to have those who played still ready. Those who played the most today are very serious guys who train with concreteness every day.”

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