Roma, Jose Mourinho names one particular name after 0-1 win over Sampdoria

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Roma came out on top thanks to Lorenzo Pellegrini’s goal

Roma coach Jose Mourinho spoke in a press conference after the Marassi victory over Sampdoria. The Giallorossi came out on top thanks to a penalty converted in the ninth minute by Lorenzo Pellegrini.

The Portuguese coach wanted to name one in particular after the 0-1 win: “I was so pleased with Zaniolo, physically he is devastating and it is very difficult for them to catch him. Nicolo is fresh and it’s hard for everyone, he had the 2-0 ball, Belotti had it too, if you score it ends the game. The team was organized, we won 1-0 but it is a deserved result.”

Honeyed words also for Camara: “Very good. The truth is that even good players have to learn how to play with his new team. He is learning little by little. He played 45 minutes in Seville, he played today as a starter. There are movements he cannot make mistakes. It is not only a talent but also knowledge. In the first period his had to recover physically, the second he learned little by little. Today he played a good game.”

Mourinho closed by talking about Smalling: “How can you not call him up for the World Cup? Good question. I, if I were a national team coach, would like to have a player like that. I don’t want to compare him with other convocable players because they deserve respect. Southgate is a super respectful guy, he never used to make a comment about my players, but I think it’s not disrespectful to say I’m so sorry that a player who is playing at Smalling’s level will not get this opportunity. It’s Southgate who has to decide though.”

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