Francesca Piccinini, message to Paola Egonu: “Once upon a time, jerks didn’t attack you.”

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Francesca Piccinini takes a firm stand

Francesca Piccinini decisively sides with Paola Egonu.

“In my time there were no social media, so there were no jerks attacking you. I put myself so much in Paola’s shoes,” she tells La Gazzetta dello Sport, “I often happened to be criticized, maybe after a made calendar, at the first lost match. Then as the years go by you manage to metabolize. And maybe you let things roll off your back. But in the beginning it’s not easy at all.”

“What hurt me and what I think also hurt Paola is that when things go well you are taken to heaven, when things go bad, criticism is always ready. Sometimes even very harsh. If something goes wrong you are the first to fall. It’s not easy, but my advice is to let go of a lot of words. Always try to do her own thing, as indeed she did,” adds the former champion.

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