MotoGp Ducati, Pecco Bagnaia has only one fear

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Ducati centaur Pecco Bagnaia close to MotoGp title: “For now I am very calm”

Pecco Bagnaia in a press conference in Sepang said he was calm and serene ahead of the race that could award him his first MotoGp title: “For now I am very calm, our potential is very high, we must continue to work as we did in the second part of the season. Since 2009 an Italian rider has not won the World Championship, since 2007 Ducati has not won the riders’ title, this could be my first time as a champion in MotoGP. I’m starting to feel the pressure, but I’m happy, I feel I’ve done a good job, but now we have to finish it.”

The Piedmont rider’s fear is the weather: “The main unknown is the weather, it looks like it might rain on Saturday and Sunday, but it is always difficult to make predictions. If we work well, we can have a great chance. Given a choice of weather conditions, I would prefer to race in the dry. Racing in Sepang in the wet for 20 laps can be really dangerous. I think among other things I am more competitive in the dry.”

More on the world title: “Compared to the World Championship won here in 2018 in Moto2 is different, it was very difficult then, now I feel more relaxed. I didn’t think our potential was like this. In testing we were very slow, it was difficult to be competitive in those conditions, but we worked hard to get to this level. The most important step forward was made in Portimao, I also made a change in mentality.”

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