Formula 1: too many penalties, a driver faces disqualification

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F1, last races’ penalties put Alpha Tauri driver Pierre Gasly at great risk

Pierre Gasly in trouble: the Alpha Tauri driver, who will be behind the wheel of an Alpine single-seater next season, has almost run out of points license due to too many penalties in recent Formula 1 races.

The French driver, with the two penalty points taken in Austin for failing to keep the distance from the car in front of him during the safety car regime, is now at nine penalty points collected since last May: Gasly will be disqualified if he receives three more penalty points between the next Grand Prix in Mexico and May 22, 2023, the date when the first penalties incurred this season expire.

The penalty for running out of points is disqualification for one Grand Prix: this would be the first time in F1 history (the license was introduced in 2014).

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