Sofia Goggia – Federica Brignone: the challenge moves to the microphone

©Getty Images

The challenge at the microphone

As the ski season struggles to get off the ground, and certainly not through any fault of their own, Sofia Goggia and Federica Brignone, two stars of the Pink Avalanche, decided to challenge each other to a microphone challenge. The two champions willingly lent themselves to Karaoke Reporter Dejan Cetnikovic’s proposal.

Goggia performed to the notes of Ambra Angiolini’s T’appartengo while Brignone opted for Dieci Ragazze, one of Lucio Battisti’s many masterpieces: the result was appreciable in both cases.
The controversies that characterized the past season seem to be definitively behind them: who knows we may not see them again at Sanremo, perhaps as a couple, in 2023. In the meantime, for the time being, the two continue to think about their competitive activity, which has given so much satisfaction both to them and to the fans and which they will certainly not lack in this season and in the next ones, with an eye already turned toward the 2026 Olympics in Milan and Cortina.

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