Lorenzo Musetti does not accept the knockout with Novak Djokovic

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The words of Lorenzo Musetti

Lorenzo Musetti spoke to Ubitennis after his defeat to Novak Djokovic: “It bothers me because I didn’t deserve it for the path I was on. However there are these relapses; we hope now to resume the path as briefly as possible.

“What am I still missing to get even higher? Experience that is definitely an important part. Knowing how to handle these moments, these games, is something you only learn by playing them. Unfortunately, too few are played. During the year it’s hard to play with these big guys unless you do well. Hopefully in the future I’ll get far enough ahead to be able to look out on this kind of path as well. The rest is a lot of work and the path is the right one.

“Honestly the way I played today I wouldn’t have won with any of the three players I beat in this tournament, Ruud, Cilic and Basilashvili. I definitely would not have won. Then maybe even playing my best tennis I would have taken 6-0 6-3 from Nole,” he concluded.

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