Stefano Pioli doesn’t mince words about Daniel Maldini

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Stefano Pioli has his say on Daniel Maldini

In addition to breathing a sigh of relief for the victory that accrued in the finale against Spezia, Stefano Pioli got a close look at the growth of Daniel Maldini, who was sent to cut his teeth in Liguria and scored the momentary 1-1 goal against the very club whose father Paolo and grandfather Cesare were captains.

Speaking precisely about the moment of the goal, Pioli had his say without hiding in the press conference, “I think it was not easy for Daniel,” he explained. “In any case, I think it ended in the best possible way for the Maldini family.

For Daniel Maldini today’s was the first goal in Serie A with the Spezia jersey. By a strange twist of fate, the only other goal ever scored by the striker in the league had also come in a match between Spezia and Milan: at that time, however, it was played at the ‘Picco’ (it was September 25, 2021) and Daniel was wearing the Milan jersey.

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