Torino, Ivan Juric on Pietro Pellegri: “Very low levels.”

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Torino, Ivan Juric on Pietro Pellegri: “Very low levels.”

On Sunday Torino will be expected to face a challenge against Bologna. Ivan Juric presented the match this way in a press conference, “This is the real match in which you have to prove many things. You don’t know how the result will go, but there has to be performance. I am curious to see Pellegri, as well as everyone else, to see if we will be like we were in the last game. It’s a good exam: against Milan you expect it, it’s this match that can give us great answers.”

The granata coach then focused precisely on the Azzurri striker: “Pellegri has to improve in everything, we are on very low levels: ball defense, finalization with the left, there are a lot of things to do. But he has potential, it’s worth the time to work and be patient. If he improves, he becomes fantastic: it will take years beyond his will but others don’t have his potential, he is starting to show it now. It’s not a month-long process, but he has the foundation to become strong in earnest.”

On the contract issue: “I only had the problem of Lukic, you could do better and we paid for it. The others are all very responsible, we are united and there are good relations, I had no problems with anyone. Those who are on loan don’t know what they are going to do, those who are expiring are doing well: last year there was Brekalo, but now no one is making problems and they are all great professionals.”

“Bologna has a lot of talent, you can see it when they sell in the market. With Lucumì and Soumaoro they have added what they lacked, they can play modern and open soccer. They also have Arnautovic who is the best striker in the league. It will be a tough challenge, we will have to move a lot and there will be a lot of duels. It will be a battle, they have great legs. Let’s go calm and serene, we are not programmed to get out of the gray zone. We have to take advantage of the positive situations and not get down in the negative ones: we have to improve individuals and the complete product, but thinking one match at a time. These next three games will be everything for us: we made it four months, now in one week you play so much. We are all on the ball, tomorrow’s game is heavy in that sense. We are all focused, they will give us so many answers. I’m not thinking about anything else,” Juric concluded.

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