Maurizio Buscaglia: “We are an open construction site.”

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Maurizio Buscaglia: “We are an open construction site.”

The challenge between Umana Reyer and Napoli will be staged on Sunday at 7:30 p.m. “We will go on a difficult court: Venice is a complete team composed of players who know each other and with important grafts, it is a club accustomed to high levels for years. We will have to try to play the best possible game on defense to try to limit them both in the area and on the perimeter, we will try our best,” said Maurizio Buscaglia.

“As seen in the last few games we are an open yard,” the Campani coach’s words in the press conference, “we are continuing to work hard to unite the players and improve the consistency of the team. After a defeat the first thing you want is to get back to playing. There is a long road ahead and it goes through moments like the one we are experiencing. The team obviously still has a lot to work on.”

“There will be the return of Emmitt Williams, who has been working personally to regain his best condition. He has not been working with the team, but slowly he will become a player who can give us what we need. I also want to say goodbye to Agravanis for everything he has given us and for the utmost professionalism he has had during his time here in Naples,” Buscaglia concluded.

“I think we will have to have the ability to limit precisely this characteristic of being able to take advantage of their firepower and also the dynamism of Jacorey Williams in the centers and then make them attack as much as possible in our half-court. In addition to that, Napoli is a team that also has a great propensity for rebounding, so I think it will be just as important to control rebounds, as it often is,” the words of Walter De Raffaele.

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