MotoGp, Ducati and Bagnaia world champions: Pecco reveals a backstory

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Ducati, Pecco Bagnaia: “The goal was to bother Quartararo in the early laps to allow the early breakaway.”

Pecco Bagnaia told Sky’s microphones about his emotion after winning the MotoGp world champion title: “It’s incredible, on the day of the most difficult race of the year, the most beautiful emotion ever. Maybe the hardest race of my whole career. At the beginning I was doing well, I fought with Quartararo, a good fight. But since I lost the wing I started to struggle incredibly. I started counting the laps until the end, it seemed longer and longer.”

The initial duel with Fabio Quartararo was planned: “The strategy was right: going to pinch Fabio, bothering him to make the front runners stretch was the right thing to do, even at the cost of losing the flap. The best thing was the warm up this morning, thanks to which I took a lot of weight off my shoulders because during the whole weekend I struggled a lot to find the feeling, I was worried. In the end, though, this morning we got back to our usual bike, I felt great.”

“Knowing that he had a chance to win and that I could run into a mistake, because with the front I struggled so much, I was worried,” Bagnaia admitted. “After that we were able to manage it, limit the risks and raise the pace.

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