Devis Mangia has resigned: the words of the technician

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Devis Mangia is no longer Malta’s technical commissioner

Following his temporary suspension, dating back to last September, from his role as Malta’s coach over allegations of violating federation policies, former Palermo coach Devis Mangia has resigned, which has been accepted, from his post.

It was the Cernusco sul Naviglio native himself who explained his reasons in a statement released through his legal counsel.

“Today I informed the Maltese Football Federation of my intention to resign from the post of coach of the national team,” the statement opened. “I have matured this decision after a long reflection. In carrying out the position of Technical Commissioner, I have always worked with passion in the interest of Maltese soccer and the national team. The achievements we have made are the result of the hard work and dedication of many people who have put soccer above all else. It is regrettable that the situation that has arisen in recent weeks is in danger of upsetting the serenity of the Maltese Federation and eroding progress of the national team. I would like to reiterate definitively that not only have I never engaged in any behavior that could offend anyone’s dignity or sexual sphere, but, in fact, the Maltese Federation has never challenged me about any of that nature either. However, I provided all the relevant clarifications during my hearing. In any case, aware of the delicacy of the circumstances and the importance of the matches the national team will face, I have come to the painful decision to take a step back. I wish the Maltese Federation and the National Team all the best, and I am convinced that they will be able to continue to improve, building on the good work done over the past three years,” it reads.

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