Riccardo Pittis, a book to tell his dramatic story. And the rebirth

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Riccardo Pittis recounts his dramatic story

Riccardo Pittis, with the QN, talked about his vicissitudes. He recounted them in his autobiography ‘Leave Me Alone.

“I ended up on the financial abyss, losing over a million euros,” reads Sportando. “I squandered everything. I gave trust to those who did not deserve it and involved people who were much less competent than they seemed. Then, I got into real estate just before the great crisis of 2008. In short, the perfect storm. I stopped just before I thought of the ultimate gesture, because I have an infinite love for life. People have now forgotten about the flurry of entrepreneurs who committed suicide in the Northeast during that period. It was the shame of defeat.”

“Thanks to sports I learned to fall defeated and get back up to win the next game. One out of all who gave me a hand was my father, who is now gone,” added the former national basketball player.

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