F1, Nico Hulkenberg gets Mick Schumacher’s car

©Getty Images

The 35-year-old German driver returns to F1

Now it’s official. Haas has decided that it will be Hulkenberg who will be alongside Magnussen in the next F1 season. No renewal with Mick Schumacher who, in fact, remains without a single-seater. A bad blow for Michael’s son.

“In Abu Dhabi my last race with Haas. I will not hide that I am very sorry about the decision not to renew our contract. However, I would like to thank both Haas and Ferrari for giving me this opportunity. The years spent together have helped me mature both technically and as a person. And especially at the time when things got tough that I realized how much I love this sport. The path has been bumpy at times but I have steadily improved, I have learned a lot and I know for a fact that I deserve a place in F1. The subject is far from closed for me, setbacks only make you strong. My passion is in F1 and I will fight hard to get back on the grid,” his paroel via social media.

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