Radja Nainggolan ready to go down to B: “It’s certainly not a problem.”

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Radja Nainggolan is looking for a new team

On his way out of Antwerp, Radja Nainggolan is looking for a new team. And at the microphones of Videolina the feisty Belgian midfielder took stock of the situation. “I made a mistake, but the club did not accept it,” he recounted. “In Cagliari and at Roma they have always loved me, despite the nonsense. Here in Belgium you smoke and it’s not good, you have tattoos and it’s still not good. Coming back? I don’t exclude anything, but an agreement has to be found. Things between me and Giulini can be resolved without problems. B is certainly not a problem.”

Nainggolan’s name has also been mentioned in the Belgian press in connection with Bari and Palermo as well as the Sardinians, of course.

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