Virtus, Sergio Scariolo didn’t digest overtime loss

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The words of Sergio Scariolo

Coach Sergio Scariolo spoke to Eleven Sports microphones about the game lost at home to Panathinaikos: “I would say our mistakes in regulation time made the difference. We missed a layup that would have closed the game, we didn’t foul on the last shot when we had a foul to spend. More than half of our players had never played in the EuroLeague, so some experience and concentration made the difference. The overtime was a blowout and they deserved to take the last shot to win. We congratulate them and move on.”

“It’s a little frustrating to lose a game like that. We congratulate our opponents, though, who came back every time we went ahead. Unfortunately in the regulations we made some serious mistakes. A wrong support, a missed foul, conceding an easy layup. But I am more sorry for our defense in the second half. There are things to work on there, on mistakes no, they just have to be accepted. And let’s move on, because we have a game in two days. Euroleague is a very tough competition, every game is like a war. You need talent, physique and experience. We are improving, now we have to work fast. We have many players who have never played Euroleague, we have paid of experience at this level. But we have to learn quickly not to repeat certain mistakes. The season is long, we have to keep fighting.”

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