Germani Brescia, Matteo Cotelli reveals key to stopping Trieste

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The words of Matteo Cotelli ahead of Germani Brescia-Pallacanestro Trieste

Filed the defeat in Cluj-Napoca, Germani Brescia is ready to return to the court against Pallacanestro Trieste in the advance of the eighth day of the Serie A championship, scheduled for Saturday, November 26 at 8:30 p.m. at the Allianz Dome in Trieste.

Assistant coach Matteo Cotelli told official channels on the eve of the challenge: “After a complicated start to the season, Trieste is a team that has been able to find its own balance, a certain solidity and a defined identity. This is evidenced in particular by the last three games played, in which it obtained two victories and one defeat, which came, however, after a consistent game played in Milan. The strength of the Julian team is the battery of the outfielders, in particular the trio Davis-Gaines-Bartley, to which the newly acquired Ruzzier has just been added, who brings experience in the booth.”

“We expect, therefore, to face a team that will be strongly motivated to do well in front of their own public,” Cotelli concludes. “For our part, we know that we have to start from the defense, that we will have to try to imprint the game with a high level of physicality and try to limit their best scorers as much as possible. Once again, we will have to try to field a solid and consistent defense and then try to enhance our offense, both in the open court and on defense.”

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