NBA, Giannis Antetokounmpo knocks out the Mavs

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Durant starring against Portland

Plenty of NBA contests played. Milwaukee overcomes Dallas 124-115. Excellent performance by Antetokounmpo who finished with 30 points and 11 rebounds: On the other side, Doncic signed 27 points with 12 assists. The Bucks have a decidedly interesting record (14-5).

Thanks to 31 points from Durant, Brooklyn prevails in its challenge with Portland (111-97). Golden State scores 47 in the first quarter and leaves no hope for Minnesota (137-114, 25 points by Curry). Banchero scores 18 points but Orlando surrenders to Philadelphia (133-103). Boston scrambles Washington: 130-121 (36 points by Brown). LA Clippers also smile: 114-100 against Indiana. Miami wins with Atlanta (106-98) while New York surrenders to Memphis (127-123, triple-double for Morant with 27 points, 14 assists and 10 rebounds).

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