Chaos in the national team: André Onana kicks up a fuss.

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Chaos in the national team: André Onana kicks up a fuss.

It is certainly not an easy time for André Onana: the Inter Milan goalkeeper has been sent back home by Cameroon after disagreements with coach Rigobert Song. Through a statement posted on his social channels, the extreme defender had his say.

“I want to express my affection for my country and my team. I have always behaved in the best way to help the team achieve all its successes, I put all my energy and efforts to find solutions even if it was not As always, I respect and support the decisions made by the senior officials who seek the success of our team and our country. The values that I promote as a person and as a player are the same values that I identify with and that my family instilled in me as a child. Representing Cameroon has always been a privilege. The country comes first and forever,” it reads.

After the draw against Serbia Song had explained it this way, “I took the risk of not letting André play. I have to ensure discipline-I do not discuss his qualities but there are 26 players in this team, we need discipline and respect. André is a great goalkeeper, but we focus on the team. Those who do not fit in are right to step aside because the team comes before the individual. Onana asked to leave today, we accepted. We came to play the World Cup, we demand discipline and respect. My job is to make sure everyone respects this principle.”

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