Germani Brescia, Alessandro Magro doesn’t cry over absences

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The words of Alessandro Magro

Germani Brescia coach Alessandro Magro spoke in a press conference ahead of the ninth day of the championship that will see the Lombard club engaged with Gevi Napoli on Sunday, December 4, at 5 p.m.

The coach of the biancoblù first analyzed the opponent: “We face Gevi Napoli with the desire to continue our path in the league and keep climbing the standings after the victories with Tortona and Trieste. Trying to do it in front of our public is an important opportunity for us. Napoli is a particular team, coached by a coach (Maurizio Buscaglia, ed) who is well known in Brescia. Gevi is a team with great athleticism, with many scorers who like to run the court with speed. Its foreign players are pure forwards, with Williams being their main pivot. The bench, with the many Italian players, is somewhat the defensive soul of the team. It has a very clear way of playing and likes to unleash the talent of its players: this will be a key, because we will have to try to perform defensively in blocking their transitions and stopping the initiatives of their best scorers.”

“We come from a game (the one with Venezia in the EuroCup, ed.) in which the score did not smile on us and we lost an important player like John Petrucelli, who will be available not sooner than a month,” Magro continued. “An injury that adds to the serious one of Caupain. However, I believe that from the game with Venice, which has a thousand reasons for ending with such a big gap, there are so many things to start from. The spirit of the team was the right one until the end, valuing every possession. Defensively we did so many good things, so much so that the real gap Venice made it on the counterattack by running a lot after so many of our mistakes. I believe that in moments of difficulty one can look for excuses or opportunities: I would like us to look for the second way, that is, the opportunity to look for something different, to give minutes and responsibility to the players who have performed less and to be able to count on all the members of our roster, who today know that they will be able to be on the court with the opportunity to improve and correct themselves should they make mistakes.”

“I am looking forward to Sunday’s game, hoping to see the same team on the court that I am seeing in practice these days. It is no coincidence that after certain traumatic events such as those we have experienced in recent weeks, a team, made up of great people more than great players, manages to pull together. This is a promise I feel I am making and hope I can keep: I expect a team that is able to stay on the field emotionally, even before technically. The players must deserve the jersey they wear and the cheers of the public that comes to the arena, giving battle regardless of who will not be there. What interests us is always and only who takes the field and what they can give us,” continued the Tuscan coach.

Finally, he concluded with a comment on the market, “The market? The company is by our side and has given us the opportunity to move. At this moment we feel the need to support the players who are left from a technical and numerical point of view, but it is also true that we must have speed but not haste and try to be timely in a market that is profoundly different from the summer one. There is no frenzy to bring a player to Brescia regardless of his profile: we are more vigilant than usual because we need to try to activate the incoming market, but we will try to bring the best available for what we want to be the objectives of this season.”

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