Olimpia Milano, Facundo Campazzo gets closer.

©Getty Images

Important news for Olimpia Milano on the Campazzo front.

Until a few hours ago, it seemed like a fading market rumor: in a short time, however, the possibility of seeing Facundo Campazzo wearing Olimpia Milano’s jersey has suddenly regained momentum.

According to reports from ‘BasketNews,’ which cites sources close to the parties involved, Campazzo is even close to signing a three-year deal with the Milanese club, which is coming off a very long losing streak in the Euroleague and is without its starting point guard, Kevin Pangos, due to injury.

Campazzo, 31, was recently cut by the Dallas Mavericks. No other offers came from the NBA, and so the Argentine reportedly reevaluated Olimpia’s offer, which would allow him to return to play at a high level in Europe after his American experience, marked by mixed fortunes.

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