Cagliari, recruitment knot holds back big man’s departure

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Bologna is strongly interested in buying the footballer

First approached by Inter Milan, now about a year ago, then about to move to Urbano Cairo’s court, and finally the subject of rumors about his possible landing at Juve or Napoli, Nahitan Nandez has remained in Sardinia to play the cadet championship with the Rossoblù.

Compounded by the team’s unexciting path so far, seasoned by disappointing personal performances, the Uruguayan feels the need for new stimuli. Tommaso Giulini’s club itself would have decided to deprive him in order to give breath to the club’s coffers. The disposal of the midfielder could yield at least 4 million euros. Which is then the amount that Bologna, now the first candidate to buy the South American, would be willing to pay to Cagliari with a formula that would provide for a loan until June and then the payment – thanks to the obligation of redemption – of the sum mentioned in July.

The problem remains Nandez’s salary of 1.6 million euros until 2024. A worry for Cagliari, which is no longer willing to pay that sum for another 18 months, and for the Felsine club itself, which hopes for a reduction of the salary by its target for the January market.

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