NBA: Utah beats Golden State in the sign of Simone Fontecchio

©Getty Images

Best performance of the season for the blue national

Great victory for Utah that, at the end of a splendid game, manages to impose itself on Golden State (124-123 the final). The winning basket was signed by Fontecchio (with a dunk on the counter-break).

The Italian played his best performance of the season: 18 points (3/6 from three-point range) in less than 20′ of play. Clarkson’s contribution was also excellent, finishing with 22 points on the scoreboard. On the other side, without Curry, Green and Wiggins, a 36-point Poole was not enough. Thanks to this very important success, the Jazz go up 15-12. Golden State’s season record, however, is struggling to take off (13-13).

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