Torino, Antonio Sanabria dismisses market rumors

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Sanabria pushes away market rumors

Antonio Sanabria gave an interview to la Gazzetta dello Sport after concluding his training camp with his club in San Pedro del Pinatar, Spain.

The Paraguayan striker appeared enthusiastic about the training days on Spanish soil: “It was, first of all, very positive to find ourselves in training camp in the middle of such an abnormal break. We had the opportunity to be together again, to work every day. We’ve been working a lot with the ball, trying out movements and schemes that we need to bring to the field, and also on the physical level. In some ways, it was similar work to what we do during the week-typical when we approach the game.”

He then gave an update on his physical condition, “I’m fine, I’ve grown in everything, today I’m much better thanks to the much work done with the club’s professionals. I am very happy with my current level of preparation. I will be ready for the 4th, when the A starts again.”

Finally, he denied market rumors about his possible farewell: “I don’t read, I don’t listen, I don’t watch anything. All I know is that I am with my head on Toro 100 percent, so, just talk.”

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