Paolo Galbiati brings Varese to the Forum by asking for courage

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Paolo Galbiati calls for courage

Paolo Galbiati, the coach of Pallacanestro Openjobmetis Varese, spoke ahead of the challenge at the home of the battleship Olimpia. “Milan we have already crossed paths with it in preseason,” he recalled, “It must be said that those two ‘blowouts’ made us grow because it immediately put the players in front of the level of Serie A. However, they remain two tests that do not count because it was pre-season and because both we and they were incomplete. To succeed we will simply have to be ourselves, brash and aggressive. We will have to try to impose our basketball while limiting theirs, which is exactly opposite to ours. They may not be in their best moment, but they have so much quality; if they play and defend as they know and as they can they tend to “crush” you. We will have to be good at not getting crushed and run away by making our characteristics count.”

“The game against Trieste had three faces: an excellent one, where we went ahead in the result even several times, a difficult one, where we suffered the comeback also because of our own mistakes, and then the final one, where we behaved in a decent way despite a few too many ups and downs,” added Galbiati.

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