Rafa Nadal, surprise confession about Lionel Messi

©Getty Images

“I really enjoyed this final, especially from the 70th minute.”

A huge soccer fan and avowed Real Madrid supporter, Rafa Nadal has experienced the figure of Leo Messi as something of a nightmare for many years. Indeed, the Argentine champion has put his stamp on the heartfelt rivalry between the Merengues and the Catalan club many times. To the tune of goals, assists and trophies won in the blaugrana jersey.

Faced, however, with the epic feat of the ‘Pulga’ in the Qatari World Cup, the Majorcan champion put aside personal passions. Recognizing in the deeds of the footballer the sacrifice and the will to achieve the great goal. Values that unite the two athletes in their rise to the firmament of the greatest sports stars of all time.

“When Messi scored the third goal, I had tears in my eyes. What moved me was to see such a great person achieve what he was looking for after suffering so much to get it. I really enjoyed this final, especially from the 70th minute,” the Manacor left-back said in statements filmed by BeFootball.

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