From Leo Messi to Brazil’s bench: Carlo Ancelotti displaces everyone

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The Reggiolo technician doesn’t mince words

After the long break for the 2022 World Cup, Carlo Ancelotti is ready to take Real Madrid back into official matches: starting again specifically on Friday night, against President Ronaldo’s Valladolid.

In addition to the match-related topics, the press conference presenting the match at the ‘José Zorrilla’ did not lack questions related to issues that emerged during and after Qatar 2022: above all the label of ‘Best Player in History’ and rumors about a possible landing of Ancelotti himself on the Brazil bench, replacing the resigning Tite.

“Leo Messi best footballer in history? It’s hard to say, I don’t know if he’s the best ever,” Ancelotti said. “It’s not so fair to say something like that, because every era has had very good players. The phrase ‘Messi is the best in history’ will not come out of my mouth. I have liked many players, I coach the Ballon d’Or every day. And then I saw Cruyff and Maradona play….”

On Brazil: “I have not received any calls but if they are interested I appreciate it. My situation, however, is clear: I am still here, the adventure with Real Madrid is not over.”

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