Monza, Sensi: “I cried out of fear, the bone broke.”

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Stefano Sensi spoke about the injury, “I asked myself, why me again?”

Monza midfielder Stefano Sensi in an interview with Corriere della Sera returned to talk about his injury: “More than crying dictated by pain it was caused by fear. I had felt the bone breaking, from the beginning I had the perception of a serious injury. Moreover, with all the muscle stoppages I have endured, it is the first incident of that nature.”

“To be honest I feared the worst, not that a peroneal malleolus fracture is a minor injury. It’s not a question of whether or not I feel I owe credit to fate but I really asked myself ‘why?’, ‘why me again?'”

Sensi doesn’t give up: “It’s really radically changed my approach to work. I changed my diet, I pay attention to prevention and recovery. I have been helped by the physiotherapists but in particular a professional, Samuele Fenu, who supports me in many aspects, coordinating with the club’s facilities and with Jean Pierre Meersseman. He also takes care of the mental aspect, which is crucial. When you get injured often, even after you have healed, the terror of getting injured again takes over. You get into a dangerous vicious cycle.”

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